Since 343 will be the only one making Changes to the Defiant map pack...

I will post this here. I will try to be quick and to the point. I am just listing a few things that I would like changed if you have better ideas or a more detailed suggestions then please list and discuss.

The location and spawn times of the weapons and players(Dynamic vs Static) need fine tuning. If this map wasn’t so awesome I might not notice so much. I am not against PWs in general. However, when you have too many PWs spawning so fast and there are places to camp and not a lot of vehicles to take down it takes something away from game play IMO.

Another great map the only suggestion I have now is maybe to move the sniper locations. Where they are now leads to the sniper being able to quickly start shooting at floating targets in the low grav area. My point is that you should have to work to get such an ideal location.

Awesome Map. It is definitely my new favorite. The only thing that would be nice is maybe a Ghost or regular Warthog.

These are just a few of my ideas not saying they’re are the best but after reading the BWU I thought I would post here so that maybe some of our ideas get implemented. Thanks in advance for your ideas.

Here is the quote from the BWU 03-18-11 stating 343 is doing the changes if there are any to be made.

“We’re also fielding feedback for the two multiplayer maps in Optimatch, but though we are using your polite suggestions to arm 343 Industries with subjective data and our own personal recommendations, we are not making the final design calls for iterative changes to Condemned and Highlands. We’ll certainly collect your feedback and present it writ large, but any changes to these particular spaces will need to come directly from the source.”

I dont think they can make changes to firefight maps without a title update.