Simpler is better...

Honestly, if we all dislike how Halo 4 turned out, yes that includes me people. Then why don’t we ALL put the game down…and simply walk away from it?

I’m sure not everyone feels the same way about the game, but every time I log into these forums, I see thread after thread of bashing the current Halo game. You do realize MM on Halo 3 is STILL UP AND RUNNING!! just put Halo 4 down, go to 3…and the numbers will SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES, no more trouble of voicing your thoughts that WILL MOST LIKELY NEVER BE HEARD by a 343i employee…

By switching over to Halo 3 they’ll realize exactly what we want.

<mark>A new game isn’t all it’s made out to be, it’s the story and how it’s played that makes it. Now, how I feel about Halo 4 may not be shared with everyone, or even a few but I know how I’ll get my voice heard…Not playing Halo 4</mark>

Waiting for something magical to happen will not benefit you, the Halo Community, or me, so I’m taking my time elsewhere. Halo3

Ps. maybe play the best Campaigns Halo CE and Halo 2, hell…i’d even say 3!