Simple things that would improve the game for everyone

So I’m not going to include stuff like server issues, forge or known game modes coming to the game instead I’ll focus on other things.

First of all i know some things will take abit of time, and I’m very aware some things are harder than others but these changes I’m suggesting are to make the players happy and keep a good relationship between 343 and the community while giving them a glowing review.

  1. Exp boosts should be removed. Battle passes are forever, they’re wasted filler in the BP.

  2. Replacing exp boosts in the BP means more room for armor, colours and even challenge swaps (theyrr more useful for weeklies)

  3. cross cores, especially Mark V and makr VII without fail. Special items I would allow as event core fixed (samari chest etc.)

  4. Colours, visors and effects should work on all and any core. I have no reason why this wasnt put in minimum, I know you want to make it a grind but you have plenty to do without selling the same colour 3 times.

  5. Weekly earnable credits, simple 250 a week would be a huge improvement. That’s 2 weeks for 1 daily. While I’d rather something abit better like non bundle items (singular helmet for example).

  6. Crossplay optional, this was told to always be a choice and should be made an option for all players.

I truly think these changes would be perfect, I’m not trying to be greedy or ungrateful but some of these things would really improve mine and other people’s satisfaction with your game. I understand you want to make money via the store and items but we need alot more earnable stuff in game even of that’s through weekly credit rewards we save for the store.

Campaign is £60, I brought that and the BP. That’s already more than other halo games. I get the multiplayer is FTP but when we go from campaign, multiplayer and armor all in one package price of £60 to then charging that alone for 1 thing is gonna leave a VERY sour taste.

You put alot of effort into the armor etc. I’d love to be able to obtain some of it and have more freedom with my customisation