Simple summaries of issues

Leave a reply that is simple, well thought out and not rage induced that constructively critiques an aspect you would like to see addressed by 343i.

My personal list:

Performance based xp per match for a separate progression system separate from the battle pass and/or a way to slowly earn the premium currency from general play or targeted farming.

A controller aim assist pass on the shock rifle and a close inspection of aim assist in general as there appears to be a bug that disables aim assist at random moments.

Enabling of all player collision.

A close inspection of the way vehicles interact with non seated players. While functional right now there is significant desynchronization between driver and rider perspective in any given interaction.

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Thank you for a concise list of impactful issues.

It’s nice to see a post lacking hyperbole.

I hadn’t noticed the desyncy nature of vehicles. Also the Shock Rifle seems to be a bit buggy as it is even on M/KB.

I’ve been really enjoying the gameplay, but there’s a shocking lack of content so far. If this is really what it’ll officially launch with then Infinite is really bare-bones.

My issues:

Why are there so few games modes/playlists? Where is KotH, Crazy King, Infection, Bomb, Griffball, Swat, Snipers, Doubles, Multi-team, etc?
Where are our stats? There’s not even a medal chest. The only stats you can see are games played.
Custom Games are broken, rarely work
Theatre is broken, rarely works
No Forge
No Co-Op/Split-screen
Not enough maps (though it would be less of an issue if you included more of the game modes listed above)
Progression system/microtransactions are absolutely horrible

Essentially it boils down to this - Halo 3 launched in 2007, 14 years ago, and had all of these features included, and more besides! Did Bungie have a bigger budget, more employees, more time? My understanding is that Infinite cost a fortune to make and got delayed a whole year from the initial release, yet it has less to it than a game produced with less money, on worse hardware, 14 years ago. Why?

The gameplay, gunplay and sandbox elements are phenomenal and incredibly fun but the menus, UIUX and patchwork implementation of social features like theatre and custom games (and complete lack of forge) is only going to hurt the longevity of the game. Speaking from direct experience, the reason Halo 5 lasted so long was because of the forge and custom games communities. The things that were accomplished in the sunset hours of Halo 5’s forge are astonishing, so much so, that, although never built it has been theorised that Halo 5’s forge was Turing complete.

The ravager regular fire needs a damage buff, bulldog needs a rof buff, pulse carbine needs a projectile speed buff, commando needs a horizontal recoil reduction, plasma pistol needs a damage buff.