Simple Poll Question

Do you enjoy Halo 4? Simple yes or no will do, but if you feel the need to explain…no one is stopping you.

Add:Threw in the mix answer because I know some people both like it and dislike it for various reasons.

I feel mixed about it. I like the ideas 343i had, but the execution I feel was flawed. Ex: Personal Ordnance, reminds me CoD, but I think Power Weapons shouldn’t be included in them. It takes some of the strategy needed to play away…feels too random.

I like it!

Op while i enjoy a good poll. It is a useless gesture on here now.

You have more people saying no an not commenting as to why they don’t like it than those who say the do like it, like i, and commenting.

I wish this wasn’t so.

I enjoy the game. It’s a natural evolution of the Halo game that just needs a good Title update.

SIMPLE as that.

Spartan ops Episodes 6-10 were great. Campaign was decent. Multi-player is good at times.

I said no.

I could not say yes, because JIP really makes me want to avoid Multiplayer entirely. How could I say yes if there is a constant irritation that is always present? once I get into a voting match, I am good. But I find myself making excuses to avoid playing these days. I try out the new stuff, I play them for a bit, then quit coming back.

I could not say mixed, because my feelings are consistent.

Multiplayer is Halo for me.

I like playing campaign or Spartan Ops ONLY when I am playing with my daughter or my son. So I cannot say I enjoy playing those two aspects of Halo for themselves either.

Launch week I would have said mixed feelings. But now its just a downright no, I dont want to get into why (ive done that far to much on these forums) but it just does not feel like halo.

I voted mix, here are my pros/cons:

-Not bad campaign
-The BR is back, yay!!
-Cool armor
-Gameplay is ok

-No firefight
-personal ordnance too random
-The DMR is back
-Spartan ops boring and only good for EXP
-lack of proper ranks
-vehicles made out of paper
-Challenges repetitive

Even though there are more Cons than Pros, the game is still good enough to be enjoyable and fun for me, and if you were wondering why loadouts was in both pros and cons its because I like that you can have a customizable set of stuff to use, but also some of the AAs and weapons just ruin the game cause you can spawn with them.

Campaign - meh
SpOps - meh, but got a bit better later on, still hate Palmer
Maps, original - ok
Maps, DLC - better (minus points for Crimson rollout)
Matchmaking - pffft (Like the idea of JIP, but need to hold off game starts, and not drop into way lopsided games) and do not trust TrueSkill is actually working well.
Playlists, original - missing too many good things
Playlists, added - muuuuch better, but still missing too many good ones like Invasion, Assault, Rocket Race, Multi-team, and my personal fave - Heavies…
Ranks - top out after 10 weeks? Really?
Achievements - nothing special
Commendations - did not learn from Reach about “how in the heck am I supposed to get this?” The new playlists help, but still some are ridiculous.
FUD DVD - still pissed.

Overall? I expect to put this up and treat it like I do my ODST disk - fun if a friend wants to play, but come Summer, I will be playing Halo 3 and maybe learning how to play Halo Wars.

Will I buy Halo 5? maaaaybe. Will I buy it if I have to get a new gamingstation? not unless I win it in a contest…

I liked the campaign. But now all that is left to enjoy is the multiplayer, and I don’t really enjoy it, so no. Throwdown and CTF are the only playlists I sometimes enjoy, but generally I don’t even enjoy those playlists enough.

Dominion is actually okay too, but only in small doses. I feel like it is the only playlist that functions well with the way 343 has changed the MP.

OP did say a simple yes or no people jeez lol

But yeah I am currently enjoying Halo 4

I said NO but my list of things are too long to go over why. It’s more than the good points and most have gone over it already and have spoken on them all and that list is still growing.

Other words were once here…so these replaced them