Simple graphics? Do you care?

Ok this thread may seem very weird, maybe. But i started out in the Halo franchise very early, Halo CE and Halo 2. Then i just got so used to it over the years. In the Anniversary games i am almost always tempted to switch to original graphics. I might be absolutely crazy, but i just want to confirm i aint the only one that usually prefers simple graphics more than beautiful, at least just sometimes i do. So the question is, do you prefer simple graphics, do you hate them, or do you just not even care? Please let me know down below, have a beautiful day everyone! :slight_smile:

well… The simpler graphics made it easy to see enemies, but I sure do love these new HD maps. I like simplistic graphics, bad company was my fave bf and mw1 my fave cod… Mind with cod bo2 isn’t too graphically advanced than its predecessor cod 4… Point being I love HD, probably because my -Yoink- pc cant handle anything higher than cod 4, and when I get on the xb1 I’m just like wow, and I have a really bad tv for my 360 (thug life don’t get good -Yoink- xD) but playing halo 2 Classic (well vista) on MCC makes you realise the simple graphics were just as good.

Halo 2, and especially Halo 1, had a beautiful simplicity to them that was really from how simple (yet amazing) the graphics were! The problem that I have with anniversary is that stuff like background objects and the floor have too much detail in them, almost more than the enemies do! Plus, another issue is that I have gotten so used to the original way these textures were from playing these games for over a decade, that it’s easier on my brain to look at the old way, especially for a major change in a color pallet like on Metropolis how in the Anniversary edition, they had less orange, which was a major color on the level, and replaced it with more lighter colors.

I don’t really care for graphics i mainly pay attention to the story line not the graphics and as long as its halo no matter what I’m good but when its Halo 3 ODST I’m in my gaming zone.