Simple adjustment to the challenge system

So far the changes to the challenge system have been great, but I think there is more work that could be done to make it even better.

My personal gripe is that I’ve been trying like heck all morning to complete the “Play Ball” challenge (Complete 2 Oddball matches in PVP) and it’s I’ve only been able to get into one of this game type. This is one of the earlier and simple challenges so maybe make “Play X amount of Y game types” only apply to game modes that we can specifically choose? Like FFA, Fiesta, Tactical Slayer, etc?

Just my two cents. Loving the gameplay and the changes have been great. Keep up the good work!


Yeah I love the challenge system. They just need to remove those objective challenges or create a playlist for me to get them in.

How am I supposed to complete an objectives challenge when I end up getting slayer :man_facepalming:

Weapon challenges used to be the same issue before the released fiesta.

So if I have an oddball challenge let me play odd ball, same with capture the flag and strong holds.

Either fix the playlists or remove the challenges. What’s sad is the challenges are good. They’re challenging, but getting the game mode is based on luck, that’s not a challenge :-1:

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