Simalarity's between Odd One Out and HTVS

  1. The time is set before reach
    Cortana is in the same ship as keys is in Odd One Out.
    keys is not dead in Odd One Out.
    the pillar of autumn is not there.

  2. Chief knows cortana
    Chief acts more aquanted toward cortana in Odd One Out and I its before reach as far as I can see.

  3. Halo 3 assault rifle is used
    neer the start of the battle Spartan 1337 pulls out the Halo 3 assault rifle and shoots a energy ball.

  4. Mark VI armor used
    The Mark VI armor is used in this and if im right it should be the Mark V or IV at least.

In conclusion these two films are weirdly similar and in the HTVS I would like to see 1337 return, I mean it would make more sence than some things that have already been shown in th HTVS.

PS: if 343 does I how they don’t try to make 1337 not 1337 like what they have doing to both keys’s
and master chief. Such as taking his helmet off 75% of the time, don’t make him take his helmet off at all and keep his personality that is his defining trait.