Silverlight fullscreen

Every time a new video is released in this awful -Yoink!- silverlight I try to fullscreen it and it crashes my firefox. I then lose all my open tabs on firefox because it is frozen and resuming won’t restore them. The video continues to play with no video (I just hear the audio) even though firefox is forced closed and the task isn’t even showing on task manager. It has finally annoyed me enough to search for a solution. Firefox is up to date.

Any ideas?

Next time it happens, try killing all “plugin-container.exe” processes in Task Manager. Firefox runs plug-ins (like Silverlight) outside of itself. My first guess is that your Firefox is waiting for the plug-in to do something that it never does; killing the plug-in’s process should force Firefox to give up on waiting. Should.

As for a full-screen fix? Not sure. You could try searching Bugzilla for any bugs with the words “Silverlight”, “full”, and “screen” in them. If you find anything, that’ll at least give you an indication that Mozilla knows about the bug. :\

EDIT: No freeze for me in Firefox 12 Beta. There is one odd bug – fullscreening the Silverlight app causes parts of pages, like textboxes, to stop being clickable – but I fixed by closing the video tab, alt-tabbing to Notepad, clicking in there, and then clicking back in FF12b.

Thanks David C. I’ll give that stuff a shot!