Silver Pack?

So i just bought a silver pack and got 1500RP back as my 2x permanents. Does this mean i have 2 get gold packs only from now on? If this is the case it took me since launch untill now 2 get 2 this point. Hope the RNG gods r in my favor 4 my next gold pack.

Sounds like you have unlocked all items from common-rare. So all you have left are Ultra Rare-Mythic. if you don’t mind me asking what is your total MP play time? I’ve played just over 1 day and only have commons complete.

Edit I checked your service record you’ve played 4 days and 13 hours not bad.

dang dude nice

Thanks guys sorry i didnt reply back right away but i forget lol. I can only get gold packs now but u can get uncommons still, the weapon with the bayonet attachment but at least i dont have 2 get silver or bronze no more. Lol yes i know ive played a lot but this gameplay is just too good 2 stop. Warzone is really fun 4 me just tough getting a full party that can hang.