Silver Order looking for new hunters/huntresses

Name of Clan: The Silver Order

Point of Contact: message native1243 or leave a reply here.

Clan Mission: We are here to build a fun loving clan that has no trouble working with a team. We’re usually more relaxed when it comes to gaming because it’s all about having fun, not doing your best to show off. The SiIver Order does not discriminate against play styles or modes. We play what we can with who we can. Every Saturday night we even have a game night in custom games just to relax and have a break from all of the competitive gaming in Arena or Warzone. Every Sunday, the leader and his lieutenant’s meet with each other and discuss the weekly ranking. There are ranks but unless it is the leader or a lieutenant, your armor colors are not mandatory and neither is the emblem. For the weekly ranking, the leader and each of the lieutenants will nominate a player they believes deserves a higher rank based off of skill, teamwork, participation, or the amount of time played with the clan. If the vote is a majority, that player will receive a new rank. However, once that person has been given a new rank, they must wait at least three weeks before being nominated again. As said, we are a more relaxed clan so we go as far from strict as we possibly can while still establishing some rules such as causing no drama and respect those around you.