Silky smooth 240p

Am I the only one facing the problem that Halo Channel isn’t playing videos at resolutions higher than 240p? I remember back when I got my Xbox One shortly after The Master Chief Collection launched, I tried out the Halo Channel, and I couldn’t get it to play a single video.

Now, I’ve tried re-watching the final Halo 2 Anniversary cutscene and a couple of other videos, and they play!.. at 240p… Only.

So what gives? Is it just me? Or is anyone else experiencing this problem? If the former, suggestions would be most welcome.

I’ve got the exact same problem. It’s pretty off putting I hardly ever use the channel anymore solely because of this.

I tried watching the spartan ops cutscenes, being that they were the only real redeeming part about spartan ops, and everything was just painful to watch because of the current resolution.

It sucks.

If I may inquire, what is your internet speed?