Silentium, Guilty Spark's question to John

“Last time, you asked me, if it was my choice, would I do it? Having had considerable time to ponder your query, my answer has not changed. There is no choice. We must activate the ring.”

As Silentium is the last book in the Forerunner Saga, I’m hoping that we will get to see the conversation in which ‘someone’ asks Chakas/Guilty Spark if he would light the ring, given the choice.

I’m guessing that its the Didact that asks him, which would go hand in hand with all the Master Chief/Didact geas theories.

i’m be looking forward to searching for this convo in silentium. if its not in there then WTF!!!

I’m not sure why this particular topic triggered the thought, but I think I would much rather see a movie covering the Bear novels rather than the “modern” Halo universe. The seen the OP described could be great.

I think you could actually cut out a lot of backstory and put the three novels into one longish movie, depending on how much stuff happens in the third book.

Of course, this is just wishful thinking anyways. If a “mainstream” Halo movie can’t get off the ground, I don’t know how this more obscure story would ever make it to the screen, but it would be awesome to see.

I’m thinking that 343 thinks chief is the Didact, or at least recognizes his gaes. I can see that tying in rather well.

Just think of the fandome as they read Silentium, and come across the line

“The Didact stepped up to the console, but paused. Curiosity betrayed him, as he looked into the monitor’s eye.
‘If it was your choice, would you do it?’
The monitor paused in consideration, and looked down at the floor. After a very short moment he looked back up
‘I see no other option, we must.’
The Didact nodded and thrust forwards the index…”

Just think of the forums :smiley:

They’re not releasing Silentium until after Halo 4 comes out. I wonder why.

^ Probably because the Greg Bear books have always come out just after New year.

Also, Frankie said that there was lots and LOTS of Halo 4 stuff in there, probably to do with Requiem and the Didact and how they are conected.

I always had a feeling that Chakas or Riser would be present during the Halos firing, this idea really excites me. I do wonder though, would it be Chakas asking or the fragmented Guilty Spark before assuming his duties?