Silent Protagonist or No?

Do you think Chief should be silent during gameplay or keep it like it is right now where he talks during gameplay? Personally, I want them to keep Chief talking. It gives the character more depth and gives Steve Downes more than ten lines to give.

Well Chief was never a silent protagonist. Sure in the earlier games he was quiet but he still talked so it wouldn’t make sense if he just stopped talking

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> Well Chief was never a silent protagonist. Sure in the earlier games he was quiet but he still talked so it wouldn’t make sense if he just stopped talking

Sorry if I said it wrong. I meant silent during gameplay.

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> > Well Chief was never a silent protagonist. Sure in the earlier games he was quiet but he still talked so it wouldn’t make sense if he just stopped talking
> Sorry if I said it wrong. I meant silent during gameplay.

Oh well in that case yeah he should be talking at the level he was in halo 4 and 5. It gives him a bit more character when he does

Hmmm never gave it much thought, I think keep voicing during gameplay.

Yes and no. I would love for them to return Bungie’s manner and approach of the Chief but at the same time I want him to be more human

Nah would be cool but Chief silent the whole game would be boring. I like his uncommon but mysterious lines.

I always loss my focus when chief talks in game.

One of the things bungie stressed with Chief was that he was the armor we jumped into in order to explore the vast universe of halo.

He would occasionally talk, but only when he needed to, otherwise his feelings and thoughts could be interrupted by the player. (He has the best punch lines though :P)

He had a very base personality, so why did people like it so much? Well the answer is simple, ‘we put ourselves into chief.’ We didn’t see chief as the hero, we saw a reflection of ourselves doing everything. Chief didn’t land on Halo, we did. Chief didn’t stop the flood, we did.

343 took the approach of the books, chief has much more personality and things to say in those then he does in the games. There’s a reason for that… a book isn’t an interactive shooter with the intent to make you feel cool. It’s an emotional peice of work designed to promote higher thought (my definition of a book lol) it also requires more meat, that’s why the books have more on how chief is reacting and talking then other media.

Compare halo 4 to the previous games with chief, it’s sad, emotionally charging, and has a deep melancholy story. Halo’s 1,2,3 did have some of these things, but not nearly on that level. They focused more on how to make players feel cool, and invested in what they were doing. Halo 4 invested you in the story.

Are either of these two interpretations bad? No. In fact if you like the new chief, then definitely read the books. But with the change of chief in game, will come some dissatisfied.

I would rather Chief be relatively silent, I hated how much of a chatterbox he was in 4 and 5.

As a fan of the novels and the rest of the EU, I like the idea of having the games expand a little more on Chief and his character development. Same with the rest of the Spartans, in general, such as the rest of Blue Team.

That being said, games =/= novels. Chief in the games just doesn’t work as well when you start giving him too many lines, as his character was never designed to be that way; he was intended to be a character for players to project themselves onto, nothing more. I get that people have very strong attachments to Chief, but probably not for the reasons they think they do. Even if they don’t realize it, when they say “I love Chief,” what they likely mean is “I love being Chief,” if that makes sense.

Also, making him talkative is also largely innacurate to the novels, as well; even in written form, Chief’s development is almost entirely conveyed through inner monologues, not through actual dialogue. It’s perfectly effective in a novel, but it simply doesn’t translate to other mediums. Outside of combat or necessary conversation, he rarely goes out of his way to TALK to anyone, and I honestly think keeping Chief relatively “silent” in the games is actually more respectful of that character development, and not a negative thing.

I just backspaced an entire paragraph about letting the Chief continue talking during gameplay because I changed my mind by the time I had finished typing. Halos 2 and 3 got it right in my opinion. Let him talk in the cutscenes. Let us have control during the gameplay. Besides, Halo: The Flood implied he canonically responds to certain dialogue during gameplay moments even if we dont hear it, and that’s what I prefer. Keep us as immersed as we were in Halo 3. Don’t constantly rip us out of the Chief’s shoes as it felt like Halo 4 and 5 constantly did.

Would rather him not talk during gameplay. Never liked disembodied voices talking while im shooting stuff. Maybe if he was actaully talking to a character that wasn’t over comms i would like it.

As mentioned already, Chief was never entirely silent. But it seems in recent games he’s been arguably more talkative. I would like it if it went back to him being more silent and stoic like he was in the first trilogy

You guys act as if Chief was quoting an entire Shakespearean play when talking about how much more talkative he was in Halo 4 and Halo 5. I don’t see how Halo 2 is the standard to shoot for when he had pretty much 20 lines of dialogue. At this point, I don’t see the point in going back to him spouting one-liners in cutscenes and saying nothing during gameplay. Chief’s being more fleshed out as a character rather than a player-insert. Destiny 2 has you covered if you want a silent protagonist (spoiler: it doesn’t work very well and comes as a shock during Forsaken when your character does talk).

I’d like to see chief as he normally is, talking but not too much. This adds importance to the things he actually does say and makes you want to pay close attention every time he talks. Sometimes characters get too chatty and it comes off annoying and doesn’t add anything to the story, I’d hate to see cheif turn into one of those types that makes cheesy off-hand comments about everything happening. And as far as being able to show more of who he is, along with some dialogue, 343 could add flashbacks or similar memories in cutscenes.

not silent but man of few words like in old halo’s is preferable.

I prefer the dialogue staying on cutscenes, the cutscenes can further the story from different camera angles and gameplay could be the attempt at more immersive approach.

Am I the only one who feels like in-gameplay dialogue enhances my own immersion? I remember absolutely jamming on the joystick to get to the bomb at the end of Halo 4, especially because of all that grunting lol. I like too when the game takes control of your view at the beginning of levels right after cutscenes. ODST did that with the rookie (who, again, is supposed to “be the player”), and I thought it made everything more engaging–like the character I’m controlling is an actual person, and not just my bloody blocky avatar for interfacing with the game.

I like the in-game chatting but they should’t overdo it.