Signed/Sealed copy of Halo 2 charity auction

Hi Guys,

I’m part of a team that run a small halo marathon for charity. Last year we were lucky enough to attend Halofest and somehow ended up with a sealed and signed copy of Halo 2, signed by the bungie guys who worked on the game, some of whom are now hard at work on Halo 4.

We’re in the run up to our third marathon which starts next week so we’ve put this bad boy up on ebay as a charity auction to raise money for special effect and also drum up some publicity for our the ‘haloathon’.

I hope this doesn’t come accross as spammy but I know you guys love this game so I thought I’d post you the link to the auction so you can get a chance to own a piece of history.

100% of the final sale price goes to Special Effect and we’re shipping it worldwide.

Thanks for your support!

That is a cool charity:

I hope your auction goes well.

I still have a completely sealed one. Wish it was signed…