Sign in loop game pass pc

I decided to get game pass finally so I could play the halo infinite campaign but when I booted it up it wouldn’t sign me into the game. I press enter, then lets go, then it loops. I updated windows and it worked for a while then it stopped working again. I’ve since installed and played on another computer with no issues. I’ve seen other people have this issue (mainly on steam) and never seen a response from anyone at Microsoft. If I’m signed into the xbox app it shouldn’t be a problem, right? I’ve tried every possible solution, updates, restarts, task manager purge, password change, but no luck. I’m about to reinstall it but have no expectations.

EDIT: The reinstall worked for me, but I know it hasn’t worked for other people and I would really appreciate it if Microsoft, 343, or Halo Support acknowledged the issue.


I’m currently experiencing this issue too. On game pass too

I recommend you to submit a ticket here in case they are not aware of the issue.

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