Sign In at Xbox One Home screen then come back

So I downloaded Halo Reach on Xbox One backwards compatibility and I loaded it up. As soon as it finished loading it said I disconnected from xbox live and then I had to re-sign in. When I said to sign in to my account it said to sign in at the home screen of the Xbox one and then come back. I did that then it said I disconnected AGAIN and that I can’t use this account for Xbox Live! I checked and my xbox live works perfect for Halo 5 and other things but it won’t let me sign in onto my account and play Halo Reach. Please help me and tell me if this has happened to you before!

What is with people using the Classic halo games for Reach theres a single game forum for it use that and sorry i dont know how to fix that.

Not really sure on that one. Halo Reach plays awfully on the XB1 so it’s actually saving you! Lol

Moved this over to the Reach forum for you OP :slight_smile:

Usually you have to recover your account on the X360 emulator first, and then you can sign in that way. I’d say just do a hard reset and start over. Maybe try uninstalling reinstalling again.