343 Industries, I know you’ve seen the cries of the community, the decrease in population, the rage, anger, and disappointment of the fans. But please PLEASE for the sake of at least your own image,


game devs rarely use forums to comment on things. (this is generally speaking)

In their position, I would probably use the weekly updates as a medium for responding to the community. Player dissatisfaction is far more pressing than an interview with the art director or the audio designer.

I don’t want to see another Bungie attempt on the next Bulletin.

I agree, half the reason I started getting super deep w/ Halo was because how great Bungie was w/ the community.

You guys ought to work on that a bit more - well that and your game.

They should by no means go on the defensive, but a statement along the lines of either “We are aware of people’s complaints, and we are actively working towards implementing changes” or “We are aware of people’s complaints, but we have no plans to make any alterations to the game” would at least let the community know what’s happening. I think people are frustrated not merely because of the game itself, but because they feel as though they aren’t being heard.

Bungie was active with their community, people loved it and it helped fix some issues.

BioWare is active with their community and people love it, it even helps fix issues with ME3.

Come on 343, you’ve got a big team and a community leader, speak to us. I request more of a Mister Chief presence from Frankie! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure very soon there will be an update fixing things, but I doubt they will cater to every individuals needs. Such as an entire “rebalance” of weapons is unlikely to happen. For good reason too. Be patient, it will come.

Meanwhile for all the complainers out there. Try not just posting about a problem you have with the game. Instead, state it… then suggest a way to fix it.

I totally agree. The silence from 343i is infuriating, especially when compared to the way Bungie did things.

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I doubt they will ever address any of the community’s issues (other than network issues) in any weekly bulletin. If this were my game that I spent my time on, I would appreciate and respond to my consumers concerns with my work.

it’s too bad 343i, I had faith in you… (for some unknown reason)

from all comparisons between 343i and Bungie

343 this is what you when you try to copy other game such as CoD and didn’t keep it original not only game but also devs

My suggestion is make their own forum threads section or something post about what’s going on rather than only weekly updates
Yea i would do week when the game is “stable” not that much complaints or dam glitches