Sierra Company Recruiting: Leaders wanted.

Sierra Company is a Military Based Clan that Values Structure, Teamwork and Discipline. We have an understanding of Military Structure and Procedure and is the descendant of the Successful Halo Reach Military Clan “United Nations Special Operations Regiment” or UNSOR. We decided to return to the Halo Clan Community under a new Banner and are looking For leaders, Military Enthusiasts and anybody that wants a Military based Halo Clan that actually knows what they are doing.

Sierra Company Operates as a Sub-Unit under and within the UNSOC(United Nations Special Operations Command), in which UNSOC hopes to spread out across all games in the Halo series that may might peak the Command Element’s interest, our primary goal is to create an organized, respectful, Competitive and team-oriented community by training and teaching our members ethics, tactics and leadership skills, we believe that a close, respectful and intelligent community is a happy community, We are an extremely organized group that has a firm understanding about Military structure and cohesion. Today there are many Clans that might be fun and Military structured; but sadly most fail to capture the true concept of a military and the concept of what most militaries stand for, The Command Element hopes to properly implement these concepts to provide a proper and strong Military Simulation; without the boring parts about the military, Although it is not to be confused or condemned with the popular problems that Most military clans have; such as: Pointless formations and marching, Pointless battle formations and tactics, improper implication of Ranks and Structure and etc. Everything has been adjusted and trialed to work within a fast-paced shooter community, we understand that too much military can nullify the Shooter experience and too little can breed anarchy, dissension or make the Mil-sim experience feel half-fast and not-present. We have experience in maintaining Mil-sim communities spanning from multiple platforms and games; From Arma III, Battlefield 3-4, Halo: Reach, Heroes and Generals; So you don’t have to worry about disorganization and incompetent Officers or leaders, Our experience spans 2 years of Organized, Team Oriented, Fun.

When do we play?
We host Custom games on Friday and throughout the weekend, but Combat Drills may be held throughout the weekend and Combat Operations will be a daily thing during the weekend; although a midweek Operation can be held, Operations can be held at any time if there is a Unit Commander willing to host it.

What is asked of the Community/ Member’s?
We ask that the Community be Mature, Obedient and Respectful; towards other Member’s and the Chain of Command. We do not treat our own unfairly or unjust. All incidents of conflict between members will be dealt with extreme discipline and care. We do not tolerate disrespect, dishonor or unsavory attitudes from our individuals. All incidents will be investigated by the Elements Commanding Staff and MP’s. although we do not condemn playful horseplay between members; So you can still joke and playfully insult your fellow colleagues; but if you accidentally offend someone, you are obliged to apologize to them like a proper human being. We also don’t mind the occasional fooling around; but only if it’s not during hours of duty and only takes place during moments of ease. It is Also asked that the each individual maintain a 1.00 K/D, age requirements is that you be 14+ older to join, Basically if you are old enough to be a cadet, You’re old enough to be here. More information will be provided or added.

What are the Regulations?
While you are on duty; you are asked to wear the Unit’s Colors, Emblem, Armour and Visor, but these rules only apply whilst you are on duty; you can wear whatever whilst off duty. You are also asked to follow orders from higher Ranking staff; although you won’t really be ordered around a whole lot. (unless the order is pointless or operates under the premises of foolishness).

Is there any Training?
Yes, Basic Training usually Takes about 6-8 Hours in total and is hosted during the weekends. At basic training; recruits will learn Team-work, Military Etiquette, Leadership and Military Based Combat Skills. Although Basic training is usually very intense and it will be repetitive at times and strenuous. But this is to teach Recruits Discipline and to make them better team players all together.

Please Message “Mick Kito” On Xbox One.

Also Visit our Page and Leave an Application.


Feel free to ask any Questions.

[All other Information from Unit Details and Rank details will be provided if you are accepted into the Unit, also Not all Information is provided above; Likely there will be a post in the Forums explaining everything in detail.]

Please send a message to me on Xbox One for all inquiries about joining, this is an old thread. Please refer to a newer one fore Requirements and further info.