Sierra 117 Heroic Difficulty Increased?

So I was playing through Sierra 117 in Halo 3 for the par score, when I noticed the large amount of Jackal Snipers/Marksmen (estimate around 30) as opposed to the lower difficulty. I also made note that all Brutes are carrying Brute Shots (except the Chieftain at the end), I don’t recall Halo 3 Heroic to be difficult at all. In fact I remember playing Heroic default on Halo 3 back in the day. I feel the MCC Halo 3 Heroic feels more akin to Legendary. But I have no evidence to back up my claim. I will go back to the 360’s Halo 3 and compare. I ask for comments so see if anyone feels this way, or if I’m just crazy.

You sir need to take your medicine.