I would like to add the discussion for the possibility to add a Siege-like gametype,
Meaning, like in Command & Conquer Tiberium wars x360 there was a gametype called siege,
Here you would have a 10 or 15 minute barrier in place (in the middle of the map) , and you could build to your heart consent and build your army.
After the time limit you are able to go to war, anywhere on the map.

This would be a really good gametype for the casual/normal(RTS) players among us, as we won’t be harrassed in any way and we can explore the game (Units & structures) however we like to do. (and yes…,amass an army for all out war-fare in the middle, or place Cobra’s everywhere…whatever we like to do)

This would ultimately create a playlist imo that would appeal to the other(maybe larger) populace and would probably have a solid playlist population.
in opposite to Blitz, this would give us a longer game.

I don’t have anything against “sweaty” games, but it’s often a more relaxed playstyle, that defintely helped the said game populace, and ofcourse there’s that situation where you just don’t want to get owned (rushed) every single game.

Just think about it., Thanks!
(also please release anything about the upcoming beta soon!,I’m bored and need my RTS (Halo Wars) injection :confused: )

Sounds good - I Warcraft 3 we always made NAPs (no attaking pack) until all armies were ready… Same in Halo Wars 1. I never attacked my enemy until the game reached 10 minutes