Siege of Madrigal

Since the Siege of Madrigal easter egg was in every other halo game will it be in Halo CEA and Halo 4 and all the other Halo games 343 will create.

maybe, that song was beast, I liked the errera version

It might be in Halo:CEA but after that, I don’t think we’ll hear it again. The song was originally from Bungies RTS game Myth: The Fallen Lords. I believe it was also the first song that Marty composed for a Bungie game.

Since 343 don’t have any connection with it, don’t expect to find it in future Halo games.

It can’t be, Microsoft doesn’t have rights to it. It’s owned by Bungie. You never noticed how the Marathon symbols disappeared from difficulty shields, PoA’s sides and Keyes’ chest?

Perhaps they can use this instead:

I’m sure everypony would be ecstatic as hell if they ever heard that. :wink: