Sidekick still weak! let 343 know they have to change it

I think sidekick is too wick and it’s not standard at all. you can secure at least two kills with every weapon but with sidekick you can get only 1 kill because it takes at least 7 bullet to kill and it has only 12 bullets ! also bloom makes it harder to get a kill. I’m not noob I’m 152 in h5 but sidekick is really weak they really have to change it. I don’t want it to be as powerful as BR but it’s weak where it is.
let me know what you think about sidekick. I really love it but it’s weak.


Def not weak…. I get slapped by it all the time more than I do the assault rifle, if anything it needs nerfed, but I’m not complaining they’re both good

Where the sidekick is at right now. Its OP in certain situations. Their is very little penalty to spamming. It outclasses every precision gun up close. Im on the it needs a nerf side as well.

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I think the side kick will be a much better weapon without bloom. Instead of buffing the pistol weapons like the AR need a nerf, Im able to cross map ppl with the AR and same on the recieving end.

Its not that the side kick is weak, its that the AR is too strong

The sidekick needs more bloom. Its spammed already now. Just mashing your trigger or mouse faster than the next guy shouldnt be how fights are determined. What should happen to the side kick is 1 of 3 things. Bloom added, 1 more shot to kill, or No scope in feature.

Are you a controller user? Because on a controller it is pretty hard to reach the 365 rpm of the weapon. So it will feel weak. On M&K it is a lot easier to click-click-click-click-click-click-click 365 rpm. So on M&K it feels strong.

I play on controller and absolutely hate the weapon because it feels so weak. A buddy of me plays on M&K. I played a few rounds of bot shooting with the sidekick on M&K. It is pretty doable to reach the max RPM on M&K.

I still don’t understand why 343i put the sidekick as a starting weapon. A weapon that feels so different depending on your input.

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Yeah I agree. I play with controller and it’s so hard to kill :weary:

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instead of allowing it to be spammed so much give it a rate of fire, increasing bloom is not the answer

IMO, It’s not named the sidekick without good reason. They made it very clear that this is not the halo magnum, and it should not be treated as such. It is a secondary weapon. A “Remember, switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading.” weapon. It doesn’t need a buff.

Now whether it feels different and is less effective on controller is a different issue, and hopefully one they take a look at.