Sidekick needs a damage buff idc what anyone says

Its bloom is ridiculous I’ve missed so many people with my reticule on their head when their like a 3m away and the gun is like 3-4 rounds into a burst

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I typically would agree with you about comparing optimal TTKs, but in this case with the bloom being what it is, there is a decent amount that skill can’t account for. However, I think we’re pretty close to balanced now between the AR and sidekick, so it doesn’t much matter at this point. However, I do want a buff to the BR fire rate to bring its TTK more in line…

Thank you someone with a brain

Are you high? This thing is already incredibly strong and I see plenty of players using it over the AR.

If anything, it needs a nerf so it actually becomes a sidearm and not a primary.

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That’s not going to work, but I have a solution for you.

Get rid of bloom. Increase its range. Reduce its rate of fire. Reduce the number of shots to kill.

Get rid of the AR headshot multiplier and slightly reduce its range.

Make every playlist AR/Mag–er–Sidekick starts.

Watch as all of the balancing problems are fixed.

The Sidekick should be exactly that, a Sidekick, it’s already better than some primaries and many people already use it as a primary, Pistols were supposed to be used to mop up kills on weakened enemies, not really be the Frontrunner of the game.

The Sidekick CAN outgun other opponents if used correctly, but with trigger and recoil macros being used now, the Sidekick may as well be classified as a Primary at this point.