Sidekick needs a damage buff idc what anyone says

Yeah, sidekick is great, like you said, maybe it’s worse for controller players.

Were you hoping for the Halo CE Magnum pistol? I almost always just use the current pistol. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s fast, accurate, and kills very quickly with headshots. You must be hitting and missing only body shots if you disagree with everyone else, but the TTK has been proven in tests to be fantastic

True, I really don’t see the issue.

Now that I’ve plenty of time to play with it, the Sidekick actually fills it role pretty well. It’s a nice balance between the fire rate of the Halo 2 sidearm and the damage of the Magnum in the other games. I especially love the Quickdraw medals I get from my years of playing Swat where my primary runs out and need an emergency swap to the Magnum.

I do feel there needs to be something that better fills the Magnums role though. I think the closest right now is the Mangler which is a little slow for my taste.

I’d rather just have the bloom reduced so headshots are consistent. Feels terrible breaking someone’s shield with 6 bullets just to have bloom cause you to miss your killshot.

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I think they’ll bring back the Magnum and others weapon someday.

I hope so, I look at my Swat options and am concerned. I never liked bullet spray lines from the BR, the Sidekick isn’t good at medium to long range, and the Commando is a poor substitute for my beloved DMR.

True, it’s really weak for a precision weapon.

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Fair and since the nerf were clearly in agreement; but you can never measure TTK on any weapon in any way other than with optimal shots. Otherwise you’re bringing player skill into it, which is not a way to accurately measure TTK - it has to be a comparison of the fastest way it can kill someone

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no its not. its very weak, the AR with less skill can kill a sidekick user if they miss 1 shot.

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they probs will give you the plasma rifle or the stalker for swat. 343 seems to only like objective games and fiesta

its a problem when no one misses because of the magnetism. Magnetism coupled with the neon red outline of enemies really sucks.

I say just reduce the bloom

My comment is entirely regarding TTK. I’ve offered no opinion on bullet magnetism.

Yep, i see it the same way tbh. Pls no buff for the Sidekick, it’s already strong.

We also need to add that the AR is a little too powerful. We should never be able to cross map with a full auto weapon (except the commando and, that gun needs a bloom reduction too) even on a 4v4 map. After quite a bit of play time I say they should switch the sidekick’s bloom with the AR, that or give SK body shots a damage buff

Too true, and has happened to me too many times already

Its bloom is ridiculous I’ve missed so many people with my reticule on their head when their like a 3m away and the gun is like 3-4 rounds into a burst

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I typically would agree with you about comparing optimal TTKs, but in this case with the bloom being what it is, there is a decent amount that skill can’t account for. However, I think we’re pretty close to balanced now between the AR and sidekick, so it doesn’t much matter at this point. However, I do want a buff to the BR fire rate to bring its TTK more in line…

Thank you someone with a brain