Sidekick needs a damage buff idc what anyone says

News Flash: If bloom is keeping you from winning gunfights, you need to work on your aim.
Like, yeah I get it. Bloom is “RNG”, but if you have trigger discipline and don’t use the Sidekick outside of it’s intended range, you’ll be fine. It’s got bloom to keep it from being an absolute cannon, because it’s already pretty strong in the right hands. If you go to the Weapon Drills and practice with it, you can learn your way around the weapon better :slight_smile:

This gun is powerful, it if needs to change that better be a nerf more than a buff.
This gun is really precise and have good damage, that’s a sidearm, it shouldn’t be better than the AR.

Oh goodie, another thread being defended by someone who thinks they are better than everyone who disagrees with them.


I destroy people in BTB with it, because it’s so versatile, but I’ve been specifically focusing on getting better with it and foregoing the AR for obvious reasons

Nerf buff whatever……The bloom is bad end of story……

Either increasing bloom is a nerf or reducing it is a buff. It’s a pistol not a rifle, it’s not the magnum too, it’s made to be a sidearm and is powerful enough.

I like how anyone who disagrees with you just “doesn’t know anything about Halo.”

I’ve been playing Halo online since 2006, including Halo 1 on PC. I think the pistol is fine (aside from slightly too high bloom). Does that still mean I don’t know what I’m talking about?

Learn how to have a proper debate that doesn’t involve ad hominems bro.


I have a better idea, eliminate it all together and bring back the magnum. And the normal shotgun. And pulse carbine from halo 5. The “power” weapons from this game are horrible.

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Like a 5-7% reduction in bloom would be fine or like make it so the bullets never hit outside the large circle. multiple times I’ve had a targets head centered and completely filling the large circle and my shot hits the enemy’s shoulder. I thought Reach’s DMR had problems its kinda bad when the AR is a better weapon at mid-mid long range than the pistol.

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I’m all for the return of the storm rifle from H5, that pulse rifle is a joke, the plasma repeater in reach was more useful.

It dont need no buff!
Within 10m it can shred a BR user.
A pistol (side arm) should not be beating a rifle in this game.


I have to respectfully disagree, the Sidekick is actually really good for a Sidearm it makes me with the H2 Magnum was the same

If anything the Plasma Carbine needs a buff

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It would be better if it had a slower rate of fire but did more damage per shot. Then it would depend on aim more than spam to get kills with it

Sorry but you’re saying you can’t fire 7 Sidearm bullets in the time it takes to fire 4 BR bursts? That is entirely incorrect.

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Yeah, BTB needs BR/AR as primary/secondary as a starting loadout. Or… oooor. Bring back the classic Magnum as a sidearm, as that actually had some teeth at a distance.

Interesting, looks like they nerfed the AR over the weekend with the hot fix. Consider myself happy now with its relative preformance to the sidekick. However, it is still the case that the AR and sidekick TTKs wreck the BR though…

Noooo way, If you have a good trigger finger and a good aim, the Sidekick steals the show!

It is aptly named ‘Sidekick’ because it is intended to be just that, a side weapon, to finish that last slither of health when you pop an enemies shields. if it becomes any more powerful we’ll have the Halo 5 problem where nobody and i mean NOBODY will use anything other than the pistol, because all weapons are inferior to the pistol.

…It needs a bloom reduction but that’s all.

No, that assumes you got the optimal sidekick shots in combat… Sidekick is 9 shots suboptimally. It is optimal at 7. The AR used to be 12 shield and 2 head, 12 shield and 5 body, or 12 shield and 3 head/body. That made the suboptimal TTK rate of the AR ever so slightly faster, and due to the high rate of fire and the bullet magnetism, the AR had a better TTK. However, they’ve since nerfed it, so my comment is moot at this point, and the sidekick now rains supreme.

You need to spend more time playing against KBM if you think it needs a buff of any kind. Solid KBM users are deleting people with the sidekick, even outshooting BR at midrange due to the higher DPS.

I think the larger issue is that the precision hitbox for all weapons seem extremely tight and the aim assist on control seems very low. Even the BR requires much better recoil control compared to previous Halo games where a shot around the shoulders pretty much used to ensure a head shot.