Sidekick needs a damage buff idc what anyone says

There are countless times where shots don’t do enough damage when someone is one shot. Also sidekick starts do not play good with BTB

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It would be way too powerful ha. It’s already a beast.


Not damage imo, but the bloom needs to be reduced so that it’s more accurate at faster fire rates, and maybe 2 more bullets per mag would be nice to see.


I’d be okay if they reduced the bloom, right now it feels like it has more bloom than the AR


Seems constructive. 1.1 sec TTK is just too weak, you’re right.


The sidekick already has a faster TTK than the AR or BR.


XplosivBolts, no it doesn’t… Have you bothered even to check this in training or weapon drills? It currently has the lowest TTK of all three of those weapons…

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Also if there not going to be damage buff it surely needs to have the bloom reduced and that is undisputable fact….

I’m not talking about the TTK I’m talking about the bloom dummy….

The damage is fine. The reason you think it doesn’t do enough damage is probably, because you’re missing your shots. Normally that’d be your fault; however, if you’re a console player aim assist doesn’t seem to be implemented unlike every other fps under the sun.

Trust me I probably aim better than you do that’s not the issue….

The sidekick is supposed to be a clean up weapon and it hardly performs in that role because of so many trying to use it as a primary. If it received a buff, it would turn into H5 again making the sidekick the primary and AR useless which is not what 343 wants.

Your thread LITERALLY SAYS you think the sidekick needs a damage buff which would lower its TTK, and you have the audacity to call other people dummies.

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IMO opinion it needs a damage buff and reduced bloom I still stand by it but mostly the bloom is a problem…. You sound ignorant in saying that it doesn’t need either one or the other as it currently is it’s not a balanced weapon and or skill based gun because it promotes randomness end of story I know what I’m talking about you haven’t played halo as much as me and it shows…

I just feel bad for you at this point. Enjoy your sad little thread.


Okay then reduce the bloom there problem solved and I like how so many people praise the H5 pistol news flash that is also an inconsistent gun. The only reliable consistent starting weapon halo has ever seen is the Br and second would be the CE pistol every iteration after words has been a mess aka the Reach DMR. The magnum in Reach after all the title updates was the most balanced pistol to date… funny how 343 once implemented that gun and got rid of bloom in the sandbox but now they are going back to it ??? You people need to do your research….

You’re not nearly as knowledgeable when it comes to halo and it shows…. Goodbye!

It’s a seven shot kill, fires very quickly and is good in close to mid range. This thing absolutely shreds people bro. I got an Overkill with it last night!

I should add that it isn’t a Magnum nor a hand cannon. It’s got alot of bloom because it’s already strong as it is. It’s not even really supposed to be a primary offense weapon, some people just use it instead of the AR because it’s a precision weapon. Buffing it anymore would make it a meta weapon and that is certainly not what Halo Infinite needs, another pistol that outkills full rifles.

I’m not praisng the H5 pistol. I’m saying it will make it like H5 where the pistol is the primary weapon which 343 doesn’t want. Constantly putting others down by saying we don’t know Halo as much as you is pretty ignorant and not a way to have a discussion.


Dont spam the trigger, pull at the right times and you can easily get 2 kills out of one clip if all headshots.