Sidekick Fire Rate

The Sidekick should have some discernable fire rate cap, even if it’s still really low. Some people have modded controllers and are incredibly productive with it.

I don’t want to see it nerfed to the ground, but the Sidekick at full-auto is nothing short of wild at close range. Bloom just doesn’t seem to affect it at such a high fire rate; or it dumps shots so fast that it’s moot.

Ain’t even mad at the people who buy the cheesey controllers; I just want the engagements to feel “fair”. The Sidekick is deleting me wholesale faster than I can counter with anything at close range including melee. I’ve only run into 3 or 4 of these (afaik) in my 33 hours played but it’s also the only legitimate time my deaths have felt like I had no control over the outcome.

Bloom only affects it when it’s used outside of red reticle range. Within RRR the bullet magnetism trumps the Bloom. Which is good, since it keeps the weapon consistent when you’re using it as intended. The Bloom’s purpose is mostly to nerf M&K, since they can use it just as precisely beyond its 20m range as they can within the ranges it gets magnetism at.

so that’s why it’s faster than two melees at close range. great.