Sidekick bloom is a horrible decision

Why anyone thinks it is a good idea to have a 1 second TTK starting weapon with a randomized factor (bloom) involved… is just beyond me. It makes midrange encounters RANDOM.


Come on 343, please choose one or the other. Either make it a close range weapon with a ton of bloom, or take the bloom away and make the damage falloff at certain ranges. I prefer the latter option.

No one wants random outcomes in the middle of a firefight with the same weapon. NO ONE.

At least it’s not at Halo Reach levels of bloom… For me at least, it feels somewhat viable right now. It could be a WEE bit mor consistent though…

The reason it feels worse than Reach atm (to me) is because the pistol can kill so quickly. At least with the DMR you had more of a chance to react. The pistol just melts.