Sick of Sandbagging Smurf Squads

Maybe I’ve been unlucky this “season” - but I am coming up against more and more opposition squads with Onyx players teamed up with Smurfs and/or sandbaggers (low ranked players to lower the team average).

And last night it was three games in a row!

Looking back on this “Bronze 5” player. They easily matched their Onyx team-mate and against my teams went; 12-8, 18-6, and 17-9.

The half a dozen games the day before they had a combined 2-58. And the week before 2-77 in four games. Obviously to keep their rank in check.

I understand that people like to play with their mates. But it’s really annoying when you lose a whole tier of rank because of squad manipulation (and a couple of other games where team-mates quit).

For the love of God we need a minimum rank range for squads.

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You could report if 343 included a report feature in-game… but they don’t. I’ve reported clear smurfs before using the clunky online system and never heard anything back, so. Don’t think it’s a priority for them.

Yes, it’s frustrating as hell. It’s in there with the “still lose full MMR/CSR for losing 3v4” category.

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I myself have seen an insane amount of ‘1ers’, people that have all default armour and the 1 nameplate and they’re either absolutely terrible or incredibly good. I think a lot of people are playing on second or even third accounts to try and mess up the matchmaking process.

It also doesn’t help that the games online population has plummeted so there’s not enough a lot of players to match with in the first place.

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