Sick of Reach bashing

I enjoy Reach. It’s not my favorite, but I like it. Do I think Halo 4 should feel more like Halo 3/2? Yes. Was Reach a bad game? No, it wasn’t. I understand that people were annoyed that AA’s ruined the game. I, myself, get pissed at Armor Lock on more than few occasions. However, I can’t help but get even angrier when I hear people -Yoinking!- and whining about how much they suck at Reach and how they feel innovation wasn’t necessary, and how it’s the worst in the series, or how Bungie lost 'touch-with-the-fans. Quit complaining. There won’t ever be a perfect game. Even Halo: CE was far from perfect with repetitive maps, awkward character animations, and quirky movement. Halo 2 was glitch ridden and broken. Halo 3 was sluggish and laggy. Halo 3: ODST … actually ODST was quite good … repetitive i suppose. Reach was too frustrating.

I see these problems in the games, yet I love them all. Because they each innovated on their predecessors. Unlike (what seems like 99% of the community), I want my Halo games to be different than the last, at least a little bit. I don’t want Halo 3.5 as Halo 4. I don’t want Halo to be what Call of Duty is infamous for being: rehashed. I want innovations, changes for the better, and, most importantly, I want Halo to be treated like the great game it is.

If I wanted to play Halo 3, Halo 2, or Halo CE, I’d play Halo 3, Halo 2, or Halo CE.

CE didn’t have online MM, and XBC as well as the PC version are poor substitutes for online play in comparison to what we have now.

There are always going to be people that bash a game, especially when it’s a series. There will always be those people that aren’t happy because the game isn’t exactly like the previous one. Most people don’t like change, no matter if it fixes or innovates things.

It should be known no matter how good or perfect someone or something might be, there will always be a person who will complain and hate upon it.

Haters be hatin’
Trolls be trollin’
I’m with you OP. I play Reach more than Halo 3 and I like it’s innovations. In fact, I enjoyed all the innovations that the series has brought. Bloom is actually a great new feature for the series. Sure it needs some fixing, but that doesn’t mean it should be completely scrapped from the next game. Cause to me, it would be like playing the past Halo games all over again.
I don’t want Halo 4 taking a drastic step back. That would make the 10th Anniversary mean nothing. It should be unique like Halo CE was, but adding some new gameplay.

reach is a mediocre game…reach is a horrible game within the series

but reach is trash?
there is nothing good besides the netcode…

REACH fails so much with multiplayer, a rank system that dosent feel acomplishing as opposed to before, and it encourages AFKing, alows for boosting, AL spammers are extremely annoying. and to top it all off the campaign sucks and the only person in noble team you really like is jeorge.

this is why people hate REACH and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, if you cant take that than dont go onto a forum

I really enjoy playing Reach. I find it better than Halo 3. Halo 3 just let me down as i was acustomed to the awsomeness of Halo 2. Reach though, is a great game with a pretty good story. Oh and Halo 3 has terrible Net coding. however i would rather see Halo 4’s MP be more like Halo 2(with the Rank system!), without the modding and standbying of course :stuck_out_tongue:

<4 <343

Reach isn’t a bad game per se, but it loses when compared to the previous Halo games.

And the other thing is that there are too many little flaws that all add up and spoil the whole to some extend. AFC-boosters, bloom, armor lock, and so on. And while stuff like bloom and AL are matters of taste, it doesn’t help that they are inherently broken. If I can kill you with five DMR rounds from one end of Powerhouse to the other while spamming my shots and firing as fast as humanly possible, bloom is broken.

reach was ok, would i rather play halo 3? yea i would, but it doesnt mean that reach is bad. Im not a big fan of AA’s or the DMR or Bloom, sprint im OK with but the other AA’s should go.

Halo Reach was bad compared to other games? True in my opinion
On its own? No
If Reach was the first game in the series it would have been classed as a good game. This is because they added so much into Reach it altered the Halo experience too much. You can’t hate Bungie for not making a Halo 3.5 since there would be no point in buying the game; the changes to the game were good ideas but they brought in too many cheap tactics and bugs.