sick of bad teams..its not fun

so sick of bad teams im not playing anymore unless i have people on. im not saying im pro or looking for pro but not playing with people going negative every game…every game? yah…
just the other night i had a game of team doubles my team mate went 0-9 (he was playing) while the other team quit when i got the 28th kill for 28/6
am i the only one this happens to…cant do it.

use DMR/BR… idiots with ARs on BTB piss me off…
have a mic
clean up kills when you hear call out and use them. again not looking for perfections but…easy stuff.

looking for people that work together to get power weapons and objectives if its the case.

i find it messed up i can find team work or communication in a team based game :\

if your not going to play with me im going to delete you, if your on invite only all the time im gonna delete you. i have friends. i want people to game with.