Shutup Dumb People

I mean sure you have the freedom to come here and say what you’d like about halo 4, but if you haven’t been around a Halo environment since at least Halo 2, Please think twice before posting your silly little “suggestions”. They really do make me pissed off to the core because there are SO MANY of these dumb posts that it is actually possible some of them may go into the game. For those of us who know Halo and it really means something to us because of all the memories of how it used to be (ehem, REACH ), this does disappoint us.

Thanks! Good day.

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Seriously, grow up.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and their right to make those suggestions, regardless of how many Halo games they’ve played. The Waypoint forums are a nexus for all Halo fans to speak their voice.

Discussion forums are for discussion. You want to hate on an idea, do so in that thread, but don’t make a hate just for the sake of hate.