Shroud Screen - Collective Information

The Shroud Screen is a new equipment item added to Halo Infinite. It’s a fancy smoke bomb. My purpose here is to compile all of the stats, traits, gimmicks, etc. of the Shroud Screen into one place so players can fully understand the new item.

  1. The Shroud Screen completely obscures view. Players outside the bubble cannot see inside and players inside cannot see outside.

  2. The Shroud Screen jams the radar. Players outside the bubble cannot detect enemies inside. Players inside the bubble cannot detect enemies neither inside nor outside the bubble.

  3. The Shroud Screen bubble can materialize through walls and floors.

  4. You can hold up to 4 Shroud Screens.

  5. The SS can be launched through man cannons.

  6. The SS cannot stick to players or vehicles. It simply deploys at the point of contact and remains there.

  7. The SS is affected by gravity. If you shoot it straight up, it will fall back to the ground and activate.

  8. The Threat Sensor reveals anyone within the bubble. Aim Assist is lost on any target obscured by the bubble and using a Threat Sensor does not give Aim Assist back.

  9. The Shroud Screen can break target locks with enemies both inside and outside the bubble. The target lock remains for about 1.5 seconds before disengaging. If you and your target are inside the Screen, you can still get lock-ons (I used a Hydra).

    • If a target is partially hidden within the Shroud Screen, the Hydra will not gain a target lock. At least 50% of their body must be visible.
    • UPDATE: The same applies to you. If you are partially obscured by a Shroud Screen, you will not be able to get target locks.
  10. The Shroud Screen lasts for 8 seconds. The cooldown time is 10 seconds. So there will be a 2 second period where a Shroud Screen won’t be active.

  11. The Shroud Screen does not affect outlines, but the blue screen effect it leaves on your HUD might make blue (and other similar colors) outlines hard to see.

    • UPDATE: The following colors are completely IMPOSSIBLE to see inside the Shroud Screen: (Blue, Purple).

    • UPDATE: Red, Yellow and Orange are the easiest to see.

  12. Sounds muffled somewhat.

  13. Grenade explosion VFX don’t seem to appear through the Screen.

  14. The Shroud Screen can be repulsed.

    • UPDATE: While it is in flight toward its target, it can be repulsed. Similar to how the Threat Sensor cannot be moved once it sticks to a surface.
  15. There is a new medal called Blind Fire. To get it, you must be inside a Shroud Screen and kill a distant enemy who is outside the screen by shooting (so no grenades I guess). However, I first got this medal while using a hammer, so the distance is quite short, and I guess you only need to use your “shoot” input for it to count.

That’s everything there is to know… I think.

If any of you learn anything else. Please let me know and I will add them.


It also apparently effects Aim Assist:

Threat Sensor Counters it:


Ooooo with season 3 out maybe the Defend the House crew will make some myth buster videos again! They came back for a while when Infinite launched :grinning:.

Edit: When I get wasps/hydras during BTB games I’ll try and test the lock on stuff

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However, Threat Sensors does not give you aim assist back.

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Doesn’t it also act as a sound barrier?

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I’ll test this out.

20 big ones

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I think I’ve added everything. Hopefully this helped you :slight_smile:

Very interesting. Logically it doesn’t make sense, you can ‘see’ them so aiming should be as easy as any other time. Coding wise I can understand exactly how that would have happened.

lol that’s good to know

Well it’s not a bug, I can say that much.

Does this refer to shroud screens that have been fired, but haven’t been activated, shroud screens that have already settled and deployed, or both?

One that is fired and currently in flight. If it settles and deploys it can’t be moved.

I’ll add that to clear this up.

Thanks for asking.

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Interesting note is that the powered up version of Abilities can now be used in Multiplayer now. The only exception that I see is this new tool and I believe repulsar since it’s not in Single Player for whatever reasons.

Really sad, I want to upgrade it so I can engulf the entire battle field in eternal darkness with a fully upgraded Shround Screen lol.

Opens up the possibility that this stuff might come to an event in the future though possibly.

This post is a perfect example of why losing Waypoint sucks.

It would be buried forever after a day on reddit.

It would be effectively invisible after about eight hours on other social media.

It doesn’t have the same level of user-to-user interaction in discord.

On waypoint, this will/would be expanded on for the next 2-3 months and all the final small details would end up in the halopedia for the whole Halo community to enjoy.

Thanks for getting this info together. The 50% in/out stuff I never would have known without this post, and probably the same with confirming the lack of aim assist/threat sensor interactions.


An upgraded version of the shroud screen should send holograms out in random directions, and have a hologram crouching inside.

Convince me otherwise :grin:

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Keeping in line, with the usually campaign upgrades, I imagine the Shroud Screen would get things like 2 charges, a larger effective range and shorter cooldowns, and maybe even a weak siphon effect.

Thanks. I found it to be a remarkably strange item especially after using it for the first time. So I figured it would be best to learn about it and share that info. Consider it my going away gift.

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Well, if that’s not everything, then it’s probably most of it! The only thing I can think of is how it affects the hit-markers. Do they show up when landing shots on a target inside the screen, and when the opposite happens?

Yeah, hit markers still show up. Gotten killed enough times through the smoke to know that.

I didn’t try the marking system yet though. I’ll have to see.


They do? Heh. I would’ve thought they wouldn’t. As for the mark system, I personally would consider it a bug, or at the very least a design flaw if it works through the screen, particularly from the outside. People would just mark it a dozen times until they get a confirmation, haha.

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