Showstopper on myself - another "WTF" moment

I was wondering if any of you guys have had this happen.

I had just planted the bomb on Hemmorage and was battling 2 players who rushed in to disarm the bomb. I managed to shoot them a little before one of them starts performing an assassination on me. Right in the middle of his assassination the bomb detonates and we all die and the voice announces “Showstopper” followed by “Double Kill”.

I thought that was pretty funny but what the hell. I will take the medals.

you should post the vid.

My friend got one, through lag… here.

I’ve never saved myself, but there have a been a few instances where I had ninja’d someone only for them to punch me even though my screen shows their back in front of me.

They may have show stopped themselves, who knows.

My brother got something similar once, I think he ended up Yoinking his own assassination by sticking a plasma grenade on his opponent.

I think one of my friends got a Showstopper on himself. The impressive part? He was playing Grifball.

You guys have to post these. Almost PMSL.

This happened to me too! On Beaver Creek Anni FFA… It’s on my fileshare… gamertag: “poppin curbs”

One time I threw a plasma grenade on the ground next to me. A millisecond later, somebody starts to assassinate me, but the grenade blew up before the animation finished, so I got a showstopper! Another weird thing, the grenade didn’t kill me, only him! O.o

I yoinked myself in king of the hill…(as in a green dude was assassinating me.)

Daily Challenge: Showstopper :slight_smile:

> Daily Challenge: Showstopper :slight_smile:

lol that’s awesome… The cool thing about mine is I survived though! It was crazy!

i have done that a couple of times, most from random stickies that fell from my hand as i started to get assassinated. i did somehow beatdown the person assassinating me, that was cool.

I got one and here’s how:

I was shooting some guy who was jumping off the sniper section at the top off Boardwalk, I popped his shields then he sprinted down through one of the passage ways, I chased him, but he got around the corner, then just as I went to melee him, (I missed) he jumped over me, and started to assassinate me, I was so hacked off, I yelled “OH FOR F.CK SAKE!” and just before I know, I got “Showstopper!” and he was dead, I was like “lol wtf” Turns out that one if his team mates threw a grenade when I chased after him, and it so happened to be that it landed next to us and blew up just as he was assassinating me, I got the kill because I had popped his shields just before as he was assassinating me, and I didn’t die either, it was so awesome. I wonder if he found out that it was actually one of his team mates grenades that killed him, and gave me my own defensive showstopper.

It was so funny!

I will put a vid of it in my fileshre tonight for those that are interested.