Show us snow!

It’s about time that someone gave the community a good snow map for forge and use inside MM. It’s be asked for so many times and 343i could earn some real rep if they added one. A map similar to forge world (ie many possible creations and the same if not bigger in size). Also cover as much items as possible in a snowy finish like on Avalanche in Halo 3.

Please add this 343i!

The snow map could contain Sidewinder, Containment, Avalanche, and Snowbound.

I would much rather have a big urban map than a snowy/icy map…

How about a Forge World that’s like a small planet. Mulitple areas with multiple terrains.
“Over there it’s mountainy and snowy, and there it’s urbanized, that place is an island with lots of water, back there it’s deserty, and that’s a grassy field…”

I can’t even imagine the framerate issues that will be on a map that size. In Forge creations anyway, I’m sure 343 will make sure their maps work just fine on it like what Bungie did with Forge World.