Show us Easter Egg hunters some love in H4.

343, can you hide thousands of easter eggs in Halo 4, and hide them so well that some would take years to find?

EE hunting is my favorite thing to do when I take a break from MM and after I’ve completly destroyed the campaign on legendary. There’s nothing better than to EE hunt in Halo on a snowy tuesday around 10am-ish when I’ve stayed home from work sick.

Every 343i employee should get a chance to hide their own EE in Halo 4 and have an in house contest to see which EEs stay undiscovered the longest. That way we have enough EEs to keep EE fans like me busy for months even years. :smiley:

Your thoughts?

I’d just like some exploration like in Halo 2 :slight_smile:

I dont know about “thousands” now…

I donno about thousands but if you read the bulletin I think somewhere frankie says there will be a nice amount of Easter eggs to find I really hope so finding an obscure Easter egg or getting out of the level and exploring with friends is so so much fun with friends :smiley: