Show the rest of the Covenant.

As we all know the Covenant is massive empire that has destroyed many species in their adventures across the galaxy. One thing that many Halo fans don’t know is that the ones we see in the games aren’t all that the Elites and Prophets had under their control.

343i at any time could bust out new species and claim they were the ones we didn’t fight in the Human-Covenant War and are wondering what has happened to the empire. This is a very possible way to introduce new and creative enemies than just shoving Prometheans down our throats for future games to come.

This method was also a way Bungie introduced the species before with saying you just didn’t fight these before. Like the Skirmishers, they are just a separate race of the Kig-Yar better known as the Jackals.

I’m sure many of you would want to see more diversity in more Halo. Even a faction that was fighting the other side of the Covenant would bring a whole new interesting perspective to the whole Halo Universe. There would be alot of W’s in future posts 343i were to do something like that.

I’m not saying that the species we have already are bland or anything but we’ve been limited to so little of what could be. I love Elites with a burning passion but i wonder what else is out there in the universe and in the Halo Universe. 343i has the ability to bring new and crazy species and i hope they capitalize on it.

Agreed! We know that the Drinol (possibly the same thing as the Sharquoi) exists in the Halo lore, yet we’ve never seen it before. Ever since it was supposed to appear in Halo 2, I’ve been dying to see it.

New races could be fun. If any are introduced into the upcoing games, they would have to be very diffrent from what we’re used too.