Show ping on scoreboard.

Could we please see our ping to the server when looking at the scoreboard during a match (just like in Halo CE for PC). It gives us a better understanding on how to play the match accordingly (leading shots for example).

Another thing i’ve noticed is that you can actually shoot through walls for a couple of miliseconds (prob same as your ping). Like if you are shooting at someone and want to quickly hide behind a wall you can still shoot the other person through the wall for up to 30ms or something. This is probably because on the server im not yet behind the wall.

Some of those theater replays are also very horrifying to watch. It would often show that nearly all my shots are “spot on” but with a delay. Like i would shoot them perfectly were they where about 30ms ago but due to the lag they are already more to the side and therefore my hits don’t register well.

In general everything is quite playable but on Swat it gets pretty annoying if you dont have the fastest connection. If your opponent has a better connection and a great aim you will mostly likely lose almost every encounter or end up with a trade.

Oh and i actually had an idea which probably will receive a lot of hate which is artificial lag where the server will look what the average ping is of all players combined and then delay output to players with a very fast connection to equalize it for the people with a slower connection (higher ping). I personally would not like it if it were to negatively influence my game but would also understand it if it would help balance out the ping for all players in the match.

Ping compensation doesn’t work and only serves to penalize those with good connections. Gears 4 does something similar and everyone with a good connection posts frequently about encounters they have which clearly went south because of ping compensation.

As for shooting through walls, it’s not a new problem. Halo 5’s bullet magnetism has created a number of problems which include being able to sometimes shoot someone around a wall. I don’t watch streams or anything, but I distinctly recall discussion about how a pro match ended on a kill where a player shot another through a wall.

To your first point though, I’d love to see ping displayed too. It’s a useful tool to have and can help confirm whether or not someone is truly good or if they’re doing well simply because they can lag away from being hit.