Show off your creation game nights!

If your a map forger, send me a message and I will add you to my next open forum game night. I usually host this a few times a month. I won’t play my own creations on that night unless the crowd demands it. I like to see what others have created. If you lack the skills for hosting, I can give you tips. The community needs more great people that can host! I can only host so much, I need forge time for my own map creations and map updates.

My Road Warrior CTF map will soon have scripting added to it. This massive map will have areas of the road that will explode that may take out the team tanks to level the playing field. Once the tanks are gone, it will be up to the teams of warthogs to battle it out on the long drive to victory! There are no power weapons on this map so you are forced to team up on the warthogs. Team work is critical and if you wonder off on your own, you put yourself and your team up for risk of losing. This map has a very long road and very little space for camping. This map plays best with 12 to 16 players. Any less players is very difficult because you need backup teams for support!

YouTube streamers are always welcome to join my game nights. Feel free to download my maps from my file share and share them with your friends! Encourage people to become game hosts!

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