Show CSR in-game

The CSR update has done nothing to the actual game. Nothing has changed for the actual game I bought. Let me rephrase that, they didnt update the game, they updated their website. CSR is literally NOWHERE to be found in Halo 4. Only on their website. It’s a complete joke. The situation at the moment is players switching between PC and console to get an update of their ranks. We need to be able to view ranks just like SR ranks in-game Halo 4.

But besides that the CSR doesn’t make any sense. Your stats are affected by join in progress game as far as I have read. So if you get matched into a game where it’s 250 to 0 the chances of gaining map control or winning is very low. Yet all your match stats are counted towards your profile. The desire to get higher ranks is thus completely denied.

It’s hard to accept a Rank System like this for people who enjoy true competitiveness and want to see the Ranks of their fellow players. They need to be able to compare ranks when they are in the lobby in-game. Not when they go on their PC’s.

Extremely rude title is extremely rude. 343 wanted to somehow support in-game ranks but it didn’t make it into the final game, when they looked into it post launch they decided it would take way too long and be way too difficult.

I do agree that JIP needs to be fixed/removed (the way it works in Throwdown is fine)

But you also seem to disregard the fact that Halo 4 just had 6.5k viewers last night for AGL5 and 343 posted on Halo Waypoint, Twitter, AND Halo 4, for everyone to go watch the stream and support competitive Halo.

Ranks don’t determine whether ‘343 even cares about competitive Halo’

They would help (and they do, they are awesome), but the game can survive without them.

You seem to disregard that 6k viewers is low for such an event. It’s only natural to critise a product thats not finished. Sure 343 has done a great effort to get a new Halo. But Halo 4 was released in November. Now about 6 months later we get a flawed system that isnt even right at it’s core; they set up Join in Progress in a rank system where w/l ratios count. Something that should not have passed the drawing board.