Should've could've would've

we have 3 types of Spartans
yet when you un equip their armor pieces they reveal some sort of slot
if there’s such a slot then why am i not able to cross equip armor pieces
why are these legendary Spartans “Spartans” have such exclusive only for them armor pieces?
why can’t we mix match why can’t i equip gorges shoulder with a regular mark 2 or 4
hurry up chop chop what’s the holdup i know there’s designs for the game that can be easily applied through update
the peak players were around 250,000 now we barely tapping out at 22,000

get your act and decisions straight 343
or this game will die faster than an Aunt Jemima pancake left to sit with the burner on high…and no butter

you know what would’ve been amazing since you guys 343 are scrapping stuff and not knowing what you’re doing
you could’ve should’ve would’ve made a campaign where a banish strays doing a duo like HALO 3
then there could’ve been a brute like story
instead of making the chief go through all these emotional scenes it should’ve been that brute then we could’ve had a breakdown of the character possibly more indebt than arbiters’ story where he/she BRUTE
does those emotional soft scenes instead of the CHIEF
oh but no they didn’t just an idea pay me later lol

so back to the armor what is the restriction??!

again you guys single handed shot your OWN KNEE
will you get up and listen 343??!


There is no real restriction. Just 343 being 343.


chief’s emo scenes were the worst. H4’s were good, Inf.'s were just cringe


“I need to treat a brute with respect and catch him when he falls after I fed him 3 pounds of lead, its the respectful thing to do since apparently we’re both monsters according to the voice in my head.”-John Halo


ROTFLMAO, thats exactly how it came across


That scene made me think of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency.
I think it was more fitting there than in Infinite though.

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One thing that made no sense is how Chief compared himself to escharum, how are they similar in any way? Ones a hero who kills alien genociders and the other is an alien tyrant who killed tons of innocents.

I actually felt a little mad when Chief respected him at the end because the writers have no idea how MC acts.


Chief wouldn’t have went to such lengths as he did with Escharum. Escharum wasn’t a soldier. He was basically no different than Tartarus, an egocentric maniac that wanted to die in battle. Escharum cared only for his own glory, like every other Banished soldier, which makes it even harder to believe a rag tag band of glory-hunters could take out the greatest UNSC ship ever built.


Yeah, I don’t remember seeing Master Chief sticking anyone into electric devices or creating bases where the UNSC are torturing and eating the Banished.
Also, Escharum definitely wasn’t just a soldier, he was the leader of the Banished after Atriox was gone.

Master Chief wasn’t really following orders exactly, but he wasn’t fighting just to fight or die in battle.
He was trying to stop the Banished from destroying everything and trying to stop the Endless from being released and doing the same thing as the Banished.