Should've Been Considered: Firefight/Dominion

In Dominion, a new gametype introduced in Halo 4, you have to capture bases and prevent the enemy team from taking yours.

In Firefight, you had to hold off endless waves of enemies.

At some point in time, I thought: why not mix these two? My idea was to select a base site, add things like turrets and whatnot, and hold off enemy Spartans/Covenant/Prometheans (selectable in options), whose goal is to destroy your base. After each wave, you and your teammates could repair and upgrade your base.

Of course, then I remembered that the game’s already gone gold (and you can’t add friendly AI, which I still think sucks) and disregarded the plan.

Still, what do you think? Good idea?

Generator Defense lol.

> Generator Defense lol.

Pretty much, yeah. Except it does more than just sit around and be an unhelpful -Yoink!- all day.

> Generator Defense lol.

the generator defense that was in the beta though. the one that shipped with the final game sucked, imo, because it wasn’t 3v3 pvp like the beta was.

anyway back on topic, you might be able to make something like this in forge. like, where one team controls the base and if the other team caputres the base in x amount of time, they win. if not, they lose. we wont know until the 6th