Shoulder Emblems Return

I noticed on the tenth war games screen shot that the shielded red spartan had a custom grunt emblem on his shoulder. Does this mean the emblems return on the shoulder piece or is it just for that spefic piece of armor.Emblems on shoulders return! ( its the tenth one)

I noticed this too. In Reach, you could barely see the emblem, sometimes I couldn’t even find it. It’s nice that it’s easily noticeable now.

Yeah they announced that a while ago,where have you been?

Are they visible on BOTH SHOULDERS?! Please be visible on both shoulders!
It’s one thing to put something on one arm, but putting something on the LEFT arm?! Ugh! Uuuuuuugghh!!!

This is good. I hate how they treated the emblems in Reach. They were so dang small on your right peck, and certain armor would cover over it.

Shoulder emblems FTW!

While I personally won’t be using an emblem on my Spartan in Halo 4, I am happy that they are more visible again like in Halo 4 since I know most people prefer it that way.