Shoulder charge really!???

Man this shoulder charge bs has to be the most useless piece of garbage in this game…first of all i don’t understand i can shoulder charge someone…but the can just melee me, break my shield then pistol head shot me, whats the point of this useless mechanic in this game.

And how would you rather it work?

Maybe don’t just shoulder charge everyone and anything, and then they won’t do those things that you dislike so much.

idk but i think you should be rewarded for the shoulder charge…or at least make it stun the enemy or something because you are so vulnerable while the animation is taking place…practically a sitting duck. Or atlas a shoulder charge should triumph over a normal melee.

plus i don’t just shoulder charge everyone…

There has to be risk and reward. There is a reward for a well-placed shoulder charger, as it has the advantage of hitting your enemy before they see you incoming on the radar at an accelerated speed.

It’s not supposed to be used in replacement of shooting. It’s another type of melee essentially.

If you’re suggesting it should be a one hit cheese kill, I disagree. The advantage is a longer lunge and it also disorients the player a bit. Try thrusting sideways right after a should charge - it helps.

Love to shoulder charge someone that is camping or reloading.

yea i get what you all are saying but if your running up on someone, and they happen to see you on the radar or someone call u out and they turn if I’m already mid shoulder charge…its kinda bs that they can just normal melee me and then headshot me…i mean the shoulder charge is using momentum as a melee hit…i agree it shouldn’t be a one hit kill.

If there was any more advantage to it, it would be overpowered. As it stands now, it’s fairly well balanced.

stop just sprinting at people you noobs use your weapon and shoot!