Should we return Halo 4?

The forum is for voicing opinions, look I love Halo 4 yeah it has some problems, but So does every game. The engine looks beautiful for an Xbox game, plus the FPS is smooth in that retrospect as well. The reason I titled this post “should we return Halo 4?”, is simple…Thousands upon Thousands of paying customers including myself have not received their code, when they are eligible for it. I have got no response back from 343 and some people have tripled my waiting time on this issue. Bungie prided themselves on delivering an excellent game whilst at the same time providing good customer response and support. I believe 343 industries has created a awesome halo experience, but at the same time has delivered poor customer support. My question to myself and whomever reads this post is should we truly wait weeks for just a response, we might not even receive the codes promised to us, even though were eligible…is that fair?, yes a moderator might get upset with this post, I understand…but the forum is an outlet for ideas and opinions. I’m not slandering halo 4 I am just very unhappy with the fact that 343 says they sent all the codes out and thousands of people are claiming differently. The last thing I want to do is return or sell Halo 4 and yes one return doesn’t hurt them…but thousands of returns, spells a different story. I’m pulling for you 343, I want you to resolve my issue as well as everyone else’s. I speak for most when I say, “This is gone on long enough”.