Should we pick Objective game types in BTB ?

Okay, I know there is generally a voting preference for Slayer gametypes over Objective ones, but with lower populations should we change that ?..

I’ve noticed Big Team games seem to be most laggy, and with low populations the region filter often isn’t an option. To my mind Slayer gametypes suffer the most from lag, while Objective games suffer less (I guess because Slayer games are more about twitch reflexes and timing, while Objective games being more about strategy).

I’ve just noticed I seem to get more frustrated by laggy Slayer games than laggy Objective ones.

  • What do you think ?..

I always vote slayer because objective game-types rarely turn out well. Most of the time people will camp at thier base with good weapons and nobody goes for the objective and provides for slower gameplay. Though I pick slayer, often many people will quit and cause laggy games because the host leaves. But i still prefer slayer because objective games will turn into slayer anyways.