should we have more mid sized maps

In Previous Halo games even 2, a more arena styled Halo, there were maps that gave the space within a 4v4 map to control a vehicle that added another layer to map control and gameplay.
It’s something I find myself missing it in Halo 5 because I don’t always want to jump into a BTB game to use vehicles and I miss those clutch 2 man infiltrations during CTF and a slight escape on a mongoose.
As well I don’t see a problem with giving a player one more aspect of destruction to create a fun moment and memory with.
I’m just looking to see what you all think about the subject.

Maps for example; Last Resort, Snowbound, Sandtrap

I think vehicles in arena should stay in social, not competitive.

I think I would cry playing 4v4 with vehicles. Altar in H5 BTB is Sandtrap by the way.