should we have another game like ODST?

i wanted to get your guyses opinion on this one for ideas to send in to 343. you know, future ideas for future games.

so odst was the first game that was really squad based (reach was too of course tho) and it had variation of main character. you didn’t just get one story, you had like, 3, and they all tied up into one big maybe in the new halo trilogy we should more than just master chief’s side, like incorporate spartan fours into a separate story.

second, odst was a really dark, quite and tense. you were much weaker health and beat-down wise, so couldn’t just run out into the open like in all the other games on legendary, or even heroic. in comparison, all of the other halo games were 12 noon daylight, being stealthy was not a tactic, and it was kind of same tactic (run out and kill everything without letting go of the trigger). sure its going to master chief and hes flipping super man, but i can honestly say i got more enjoyment from challenge out of being the rookie than being noble 6. and now chief is going to be fighting forerunners or precursors or whatever. should they make it as easy as halo 3 again?

thirdly, the style of story. halo odst had a little bit of free roam after every mission. in all the other halo games it has always been" get from point A to point B with as many bullets as the world can hold. so maybe in the newer halo games we push 343 to make another game with a sense of free roam, in a valley or a military base on onyx, or even go back to some city-like design made by the forerunners. make the players think about where they have to go and how to get to the next mission, rather than a 30 second cut scene explaining nothing relevant to how you got there.

hope i didn’t bore you guys to death, but ODST was a real piece of art in a way and i think that some of its legacies should be re-instated. so what do you guys think?

I would love to see another ODST game that breaks the Halo mold. I’ve already got a thread with my idea floating around so I wont repost it. I will however offer up another.

You mentioned ODST being a squad game. Why not build on that and release the first Halo game to offer more than 4 players co-op. Say 6-12, you get to built your guy, including these custom loadouts being added to Halo 4, and offer the players large scale engagements to content with. It would be a natural progression of firefight rather than the story like my last idea was. Of course after the main game you would have Firefight 3.0 with hopefully forge options.

I agree having an alien world for an ODST to explore on, especially with it’s dark moody setting would really bring a new experience to Forerunner and even Covenant locations, because of ODST’s natural attention to detail.

Yep love to see another game like odst, hopefully they get firefight right in the original since Reach version of firefight was terrible.

Ive loved odst since playing it since waiting for it on the midnight release. Alot of people didnt like it but i have never had a problem with it. I realy hope they make a 2nd one.