should waypoint host acess to ... community thoughts here

Okay as we all know Forge World isn’t quite enough

forge is intended for the player’s to design their own maps to certain details.

well BUNGIE.NET is good for posting maps

So why not waypoint. Also if waypoint were to design more forge maps to use, this would exceed standards
its not like they would need to sell the new “CANVAS” selections

think about it, a page were they can upload blank canvas maps designed only for land water beach and other standard elements that can come in different shapes and sizes. to produce many different avaiabilitys. with just a short work period.
that they could just throw together and post.

with one title update they could add a map selection called “CANVAS”

meaning we could get different layouts QUICKLY and to reduce list updates they could be downloaded at the waypoint website for whatever ones you would want.

causing a bigger jump to the waypoint community and forums leading to better feedback supply for the experience

this would also include map design contests
better change of scenery for mm custom made maps
so on so on.

plese anyone who read this post comments